Does Prevention Work?

Does Prevention Work?

Absolutely! There is lots of proof from all areas of the country – and world – that prevention works. Of course, not every campaign has been successful, but we do have some tips on what works.

1. Change community attitudes around underage drinking, tobacco use and prescription drug abuse. Make it an expectation that substance abuse will not happen.

2. Encourage students to be involved in positive school and community activities, a factor that helps prevent underage alcohol use, tobacco use and prescription drug abuse.

3. Provide student opportunities for validation and belonging (like entering a video contest!)

4. Provide information to parents on the consequences of substance abuse, as well as resources to get help.

5. Teach knowledge, skills and motivation to resist peer pressure and social pressures to drink, use tobacco products and abuse prescription drugs.

6. Strictly enforce laws and policies against illegal substance use and abuse. Set high expectations and youth will meet them!


Have questions about alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs? Need some facts for your video? Check out these links with a ton of great information!  

Do you know someone struggling with alcohol, drug or tobacco/nicotine use? Maybe you’ve wondered if you have a problem. There is help out there! offers mental health and substance abuse services in the 17-county Bluegrass region. For more information go here or call 1-800-928-8000.

If you’re outside the Bluegrass region, information for other community mental health centers can be found here

Find local substance abuse treatment providers here

For under-aged drivers, Kentucky has a “Zero Tolerance” policy. If you are pulled over with any amount of alcohol in your blood you can be cited. For information on Zero Tolerance classes necessary to get your license back, call 1-859-225-3296.

Family Resource and Youth Service Centers are available at most schools and provide assistance and programs to students and families who are struggling. For more information, go here or contact your school.